19 comments on “Devanga Purana

  1. thanks a lot to the writer for such a great effort.
    I wud like to see some more hirtorical data.

  2. hi,
    your not mentioned Telugu speaking devanga peoples living in tamilnadu and andhra mainly Chennai arani kumarapeta madarapakkam padirivedu manellore .anakaputhur kundrathur pammal in TN satyavedu sullurpet naidupet kalahasti varadhaiah palayam andagundala and so many areas in both days .our oeoples have surnames and gothras we are having gayathri (jathyam) after marriages

  3. Great History of Devanga’s . Actually i didnot know so much things of my Caste . I stay in Mangalore (Karnataka) . Where my mother tongue is Kannada but its mostly different from Karnataka Kannadigas. Its said Old Kannada (Hale Kannada) what we speak . There are lot of people of Kannada Devangas in Mangalore but before 40 years everyone migrated from Tamil Nadu its said . So do i belong to Tamilian or Kannadiga . Please clarify . My Sub- Caste name is ( Kal Kottlar).

  4. congratulations to aurther

    we are very great full we are the only one ancient caste i think we are 5% of in Indian population .
    but who is the person take responsibility. like a Gandhi.who who who…………?. and also every person name end put a deviating. like my name is N.S.Kumar now n.s.kumardevang.


  5. hello iam baskaran from calicut kerala, realy happy to view our community details and iam interested in participate in all our events kindly inform. mobile 9447220218

  6. I am Arunkumar from Mysore Dist. Karnataka State.
    I read your paragraphs, I get some more information about my community.
    Please add some more details about POOJA of Chowdeshwari
    and add the symbol of devanga (nandi with dhwaja) community. & photographs also.

  7. hi, thanks, i am basically a hindu devanga, but as i was born and brought up in armoor, Dist: nizamabad, andhrapradehs, if u don’t mind. i need all devanga gotra’s with surenames. thanks. send very soon to my email. thanks/

  8. hi, thanks, i am basically a hindu devanga, but as i was born and brought up in gujarat,i had vey less knowledge on ma community.thanks for the information, but no where u had mentioned the real tradition of putting “poonool” or in hindi we say” janoee”…pleasedo also provide more information on that practice which is still a real sign for devangas as they beleive or to say i have seen it so.

  9. Excellent!! The author has put full efforts to create the data. Also i want to add some more info. The kannada devanga peoples ard living more in Pollachi,Negamam,Udumalai taluk the villages are Kullakkapalayam, Kaliannan pudur, Pothanoor, Vakkampalayam, Uthukkuli, Udukkampalayam, Malayandipattinam and nearby Villages

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